Our Services

Our Services

  1. Undertaking of all services related to exploration, production and prospection of oil and gas.
  1. Undertaking research, development, presenting studies, research, survey and surveys exploration, production and  prospection of oil and gas.
  1. Drilling and maintenance works, pipelines laying, hauling, scanning and prospection of drilling bits.
  1. Inspection of works and equipment, welding works, construction of tanks and pumping and storing stations.
  1. Fighting and treating environment pollution, environment  pollution sources, radioactive material sources of plants and offshore and onshore oilfields.

6.Concluding contracts with experts, specialists, qualified and competent personnel, organizing
technology training courses for oil workers necessary for the company.

7. Drilling & workover services.

8. Buying & selling of drilling & workover rigs.

9. Supply and erection of pressure vessels and storage tanks.

10 .Supply and erection of pipelines and steel constructions

11. Supply of pipe casing, tubings for drilling and workover.

12. Supply of wellhead and christmas trees, valves and flanges.

13. Reverse engineering.

14. Water treatment.